That's so bitchin'!

I'm Jessica F (but most people IRL calls me Jess) and I love & hate lots of things. This blog is also a multi-fandom blog, as well as other things that interest me. Such as animals, food, tattoos, art, internet memes and other random shit. I hardly post anything that is NSFW and if I do, I always tag it on my dashboard. But overall, my blog is NSFW porn-free. I'm also a 33 year old multi-disciplinary artist/designer (who tends to post my own artworks that the majority of people don't give a shit about here. A norm for me.) and a native of Sydney, Australia! (Who happens to be born on the same year as Tom Hiddleston though I was born on September 3. Jealous?)

Speaking of Tom, I've been Hiddlestoned since October 2013. Looking at it now, no regrets. I'm also a bit of a Cumberbitch too. ;3 Other than that, enjoy your stay!

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