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I'm Jessica F and I love & hate lots of things. This blog is also a multi-fandom blog, as well as other things that interest me. Such as animals, food, tattoos, internet memes and other random shit.

I'm also a 32.5 year old artist/designer/geek fangirl and a native of Sydney, Australia! (Yes. I was born on the same year as Tom Hiddleston. Jealous?)

Speaking of Tom, I've become a somewhat of a Hiddlestoner since early October 2013 and as a result, my life is ruined! It's a blessing and a curse to be born on the same year as him. (despite me being born on September 3, that is)

Other than that, enjoy your stay!

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    when you don’t ship the fandom’s most popular ship and it’s fucking everywhere


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  4. Misha Collins - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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    Tom Hiddleston does the ice bucket challenge (x)

  6. nickglekas:


    Guardians of the Galaxy - STAR LORD 1/6 Scale figure by Hot Toys Limited.

    The weathering on his coat/clothing is stellar in person.

    Photos taken at the Sideshow Collectibles booth at SDCC 2014.

    Available for pre-order at

    Check out my page for posts/pics on Groot and the other Guardians figures.

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    Thank you Tom

  9. Thank God for that white shirt

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  10. hellofromthelegend:

((No matter how many times I draw this nerd, I’m always convinced I’m doing it wrong.))


    ((No matter how many times I draw this nerd, I’m always convinced I’m doing it wrong.))

  11. astoundingbeyondbelief:

    Where do I begin? You’ve got wonderful lighting; the civilians staring at Godzilla in awe, only panicking when the SWAT team opens fire; the echoing of 1954, in which the Big G’s first arrival in a city was also met with ineffective machine guns; the officers’ reactions to that ineffectiveness; and through it at, our hero’s indifference to the ants below as he continues on his path towards his ancient foe. It’s a very short sequence, but I’d rank it among my favorite moments in the series.

  12. swampthingy:

    Godzilla (2014)

  13. legendfromthedeep:

    Immature? Please. Let’s remember who the elder of us is, here.

    Besides, you’ve made far worse jokes.

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Jensen Quackles
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